Hue is a must-visit destination when it comes to important tourist spots in Central Vietnam. This place is not only a world cultural heritage site with a peaceful atmosphere but also famous for its delicious flavors. In Hue, Bánh Nậm: Street Food in Hue is one of the most popular dishes to taste. While this cake isn’t as well-known as the others, it’s a typical street snack found across Hue.

Join us on a journey to uncover the origins of Banh Nam and find out why this dish is so captivating to visitors to Hue

Banh Nam
Banh Nam
Banh Nam: Street Food in Hue
Banh Nam: Street Food in Hue

1. What is the origin of Banh Nam?

Hue is the birthplace of the traditional Vietnamese  dumpling known as Bánh Nậm. The filling is made up of shrimp, minced pork, sugar, salt, pepper, shallots, annatto oil, and green onions. The batter is made with a mixture of rice and tapioca flour, sugar, and salt.

After being flat and rectangular, the dumplings are wrapped in banana leaves and steam-cooked. Traditional servings of bánh nậm include fish sauce for dipping on the side. Because the banana leaves keep the inside soft and pliable and make the dumplings easy to transport, they are usually sold at the markets.

2. How to Make Banh Nam?

The recipe for banh mi is essential to preparing this unique regional dish. Nam cake: Banh Nam, also known as steamed meat shrimp rice cake, is wrapped in banana or phrynium leaves and composed of rice flour, shrimp, and lean meat. Chili sauces are also served with it. Although the cooking process appears straightforward, the cook must invest a significant amount of time in preparation, from selecting the shrimp to making the fish sauce. To make chopped shrimp, fresh shrimp must first be cleaned and soaked for several hours until soft.

Once it is dry and has a taste that is both sweet and salty, add salt, sugar, and fish sauce. Made with rice flour, the rice batter should be soft and smooth. The rice batter is then covered with the fried shrimp, which are then rolled like leaves and steam-cooked for roughly 20 minutes. Then it’s time to take off the cover and let these leaves release their scent. After that, remove it from the pot. For a shrimp to be a good Banh Nam, it needs to be crispy, slightly greasy, sweet, and salted. Fish sauce that is both sweet and spicy goes better with Banh Nam.

Banh Nam: Street Food in Hue
Banh Nam: Street Food in Hue

3. Top 5 Best restaurant in Hue

3.1 Ba Do – A Banh Nam Restaurant in Hue for Over 10 Years

Ba Do Restaurant is renowned for serving some of the most delectable Banh Nam in Hue. Aside from its signature Banh Nam, the restaurant also offers delectable Banh Beo and Banh Bot Loc. The prices for these delectable treats are quite affordable, allowing you to indulge in them or bring them home as souvenirs.

Banh Nam: Street Food in Hue
Ba Do Restaurant

Location: 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Hue City

Opening hour: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

3.2 Madam Thu Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of the dreamy city of Hue, Madam Thu Restaurant is like a culinary paradise, welcoming diners to embark on a journey of discovering the rich flavors of Vietnam. Among the exquisite dishes offered here, Banh Nam Hue always holds the highest place, captivating diners with its symphony of flavors and aromas. It stands as a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to preserving the culinary essence of Hue.

Banh Nam: Street Food in Hue
Madam Thu Restaurant

Location: 04 Vo Thi Sau Street, Hue City

Opening hour: 8:00 AM – 10:30 PM

3.3 Banh Nam Hue – Di Xinh

Di Xinh offers an incredibly spacious and comfortable dining experience. The warm and friendly atmosphere perfectly embodies the hospitality of Hue’s people. Their Banh Nam is served with crispy fried pork skin and a special dipping sauce made according to the restaurant’s unique recipe.

Banh Nam: Street Food in Hue
Banh Nam Hue – Di Xinh

Location: 27 Nguyen Khuyen Street, Hue City

Opening hour: 14:30 PM – 18:30 PM

3.4. O Thuy

Nestled in the heart of Hue, O Thuy Banh Nam is a culinary haven that has been enticing locals and visitors alike for years. Its prime location makes it easily accessible, drawing in a steady stream of patrons eager to savor the authentic flavors of Hue’s culinary heritage.

Banh Nam: Street Food in Hue
O Thuy

Location: 27 Le Thanh Ton Street, Hue City

Opening hour:13:30 PM – 19:00 PM

3.5. Banh Nam Chi

While offering a variety of other dishes, Banh Nam Chi is most famous for its Banh Nam Hue. The owner meticulously selects the ingredients, ensuring they are clean and fresh. Additionally, the preparation process at Nậm Chi Restaurant is strictly controlled to maintain food safety and hygiene.

Banh Nam: Street Food in Hue
Banh Nam Chi

Location: 52 Le Viet Luong Street, Hue City

Opening hour:8:00 AM – 19:30 PM

4. Hue Cooking Class – Cooking With Madam Thu

Hue Cooking Class – Cooking With Madam Thu is delighted to offer our “Banh Nam” cooking class, where you will immerse yourself in the rich and delicate flavors of this famous specialty dish from the dreamy city of Hue. Under the guidance of our experienced chef, you will uncover the secrets to creating authentic Bun Bo Hue, from simmering a flavorful broth and preparing fresh ingredients to cooking techniques and beautiful presentations.

Banh Nam: Street Food in Hue
Hue Cooking Class – Cooking With Madam Thu

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