Hue Cooking Class Tour

Taste of Hue Cooking Class Tour

The city of Hue is famous not only for the UNESCO recognized heritage sites but also its impressive culinary arts, best place to get a Hue cooking class tour. Hue became a very important province in the country for more than a hundred of years as the last imperial family of Vietnam – the Nguyen dynasty, built the citadel and summoned all known and impressive cooks and chefs all over the country and even from neighboring countries to serve the royal family and the high ranking officials.

These masters of culinary arts eventually taught some Hue locals on how to prepare these delectable royal dishes and snacks. As the time goes by, the locals perfected their masterpieces and were able to serve them to their family members. To return the favor given to them, locals are willing to teach culinary enthusiasts who desire to explore the famous Hue cuisine.


The Hue cooking class tour in the country side will let you discover hidden gems of the Hue province. You will not only learn how to cook the amazing dishes of Hue but you will also have the opportunity to have a real experience with the locals by trying their daily routines yourself.


We will pick you up at your hotel by a motorbike and enjoy the view of the rice fields, lotus farms and some farm animals as we make our way to the village. The cooking class will be held in the Thanh Toan Village where the Thanh Toan tiled roof bridge is located. Thanh Toan tiled roof bridge looks the same as the famous Japanese Bridge in Hoi An. Thanh Toan tile roofed bridge is the only bridge of its kind in Vietnam aside from the one in Hoi An. You will be able to visit the famous bridge and the Agricultural Tools Museum of the village while on the way to the local market to buy ingredients that will be used in the cooking class. After going around, take a rest and enjoy a cup of coffee or refreshment before heading to the cooking class.


You will learn how to distinguish fresh ingredients and properly prepare them before cooking. A local chef from the village and your English Speaking tour guide will let you experience how to make your own Hue dishes, which you will enjoy for lunch. Do not worry if you made something inedible or you did not make the best one, no one expects you to do it perfectly on the first try anyway. The local chef will prepare lunch for back up and you can eat and share the food together. One way to best experience the Vietnamese culture and enjoy the Hue specialty dishes.


After interesting conversation with the local chef and crew, you will get back to the city with stomach, mind and heart full.


  • Motorbike with Petrol
  • One Motorbike Driver per Person
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Ingredients for the Cooking Class


  • Insurance
  • Personal Expenses

Important Note: Please let us know beforehand if you have food allergy or food intolerance.

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