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    Cooking With Madam Thu

    Since 2015, We share our passion and knowledge for Hue Food & Culture with people from all over the world through cooking classes. Start experience with Madam Thu Team to learning about " How to Cook Hue Food"

    Experience Rural Village Life in Hue

    Experience Rural Village Life In Hue

    • La Chu Village
    • 8 Hours
    Cooking Class
    Foot Massage
    Be a Famer
    80 USD / Pax
    Experience Rural Village Life in Hue

    Hue Cooking Class

    • Hue City
    • 8 Hours
    Cooking Class
    Foot Massage
    Be a Famer
    50 USD / Pax

    Reviews On Google

    Linh DiệuLinh Diệu
    10:05 23 Jul 22
    Quán ăn nhỏ thôi nhưng rất thoáng mát. Nhân viên và chủ quán đều rất rất nhiệt tình thân thiện luôn. Đồ ăn thì ngon khỏi nói, đây là một combo rất đậm chất Huế
    Cao HươngCao Hương
    16:06 18 Jun 22
    + món ăn ngon, nhân viên chu đáo, thân thiện
    Gibson LeeGibson Lee
    16:39 18 Sep 22
    10/10!Delicious Hue dishes with plenty to choose from. There is also a list of vegetarian options on the menu for those who are looking.But it is the staff at Madam Thu Restaurant that put it a cut above the rest. They are all so friendly & welcoming. Offering cold towels on arrival & explaining the dishes along with how to best enjoy them to each customer.As a westerner who had no knowledge of local dishes I found this incredibly helpful & a really kind gesture on their part.Myself & partner were extremely lucky as during our meal a rainstorm began. This gave us an excuse to stay longer & we happily ordered a bottle of wine along with some more beautiful food.
    Stacey CooperStacey Cooper
    08:00 05 Sep 22
    We ate here twice! It was really lovely food. Lots of options, fantastic friendly service - they even serve you fresh fruit at the end of your meal. If you’re in town I recommend giving the tasting plate a try. It’s great and was my friends favourite meal in Vietnam.
    Zanna ByrneZanna Byrne
    14:01 30 Aug 22
    For your first night in Hue this is the place to go! I LOVED the taster platter where you could try a bit of everything and comes with a drink. Super tasty authentic food which was a warm welcome after the big city of Saigon! The service was by far the best my partner and I have ever had, in Australia or overseas. The waitress really tried to get to know us and make us feel comfortable. All of the girls who work there are always smiling, waving and friendly. We would definitely go back in a heartbeat.
    Bill CabellBill Cabell
    11:14 03 Aug 22
    They offer a great selection of Vietnamese food that is prepared and served in a clean environment. The menu is uncomplicated but diverse. Descriptions are in English and photos are included. This is a good place for a novice traveler to Vietnam to try some regional specialties. I’ve lived in Vietnam for almost 3 years and find it to be a lovely place. Their fresh spring rolls are the best in Hue. The servers are quite professional and speak English.
    Ying LauYing Lau
    10:40 24 May 22
    If you want to try all the speciality at one place then this place is really good. Price is above average but the food is delicious. For tourists a good place.But I don't recommend buying drinks except for whole cans. One Sprite can fill up two whole of their glasses even without ice!! Fruit juices were diluted with water and ice.