Dong Ba Market Hue Vietnam is a well-known name for anyone who has been to Hue. Located on Huong River between Truong Tien Bridge and Gia Hoi Bridge, Dong Ba is becoming more and more attractive to tourists. 

The market has a long history and is a place of trade for local people and immigrants. 

Dong Ba Market Hue has a wide variety of products, from food, souvenirs to fashion. The food at Dong Ba Market is also very diverse, from traditional Hue dishes.

When visiting Dong Ba Market Hue, visitors not only get to shop and enjoy the food but also experience the bustling atmosphere of a traditional market. 

Dong Ba Market Hue Vietnam is always a super hot check-in spot when you travel to Hue. There are still many interesting things for you to explore and buy gifts for your loved ones and friends.

1. Dong Ba Market History

The Dong Ba market Hue Vietnam was originally called “Dong gia ” and was located at the  East Gate of the Citadel. In 1885, the market was burned down when the Imperial City of Hue fell . 

It was not until 1899 that King Thanh Thai rebuilt the market and moved it to its current location. The market was built in the French architectural style, with rows of covered stalls connected by wide walkways.

Dong Ba History
Dong Ba History

1.1 Where is Dong Ba Market in Hue?

Dong Ba Market Hue Vietnam is located in the heart of Hue City, Vietnam. Specifically, the market is located at 2 Tran Hung Dao Street, Phu Hoa Ward, Hue City. The market is located right on the banks of the Perfume River, opposite the Truong Tien Bridge. When you arrive on Tran Hung Dao Street, you need only see the bustling market building with its distinctive archway to know that you have arrived at Dong Ba Market. This is a famous Hue tourist destination that anyone visiting Hue must visit.

1.2 Dong Ba Market Hue opening hours/The Best Time To Visit

Dong Ba Market Hue Vietnam is a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors, so the market is open from early morning to late at night. Dong Ba Market is open during the day for approximately 12 hours, from 6a.m to 6p.m 

But the best time to visit Dong Ba: if you would like to see how they are preparing to start their day, you should come here early in the morning, you will see a very local style in Hue City. 

And if you would like to go around the market without the crowd, you should visit this place in the afternoon, you can try the local food, it is very worth a try. 

Dong Ba Market in Hue transforms into a street food cuisine hub after the sun goes down, so tourists should plan to visit between 6 and 10 p.m.

Opening Hours: 6. AM – 6.PM.

2. Itinerary to explore Dong Ba Market Hue Vietnam

Visitors should plan on spending about half a day to fully explore Hue’s Dong Ba Market. This is known as the traditional market in Hue, divided into three floors, each with its own unique characteristics.

  •   The outer area around the market: 

The most bustling time of Dong Ba Market in Hue is still early in the morning at 5 AM. This is where the stalls selling fresh seafood are concentrated, and they gradually thin out until 7 AM and turn into flower markets. So tourists who want to check in at the Dong Ba flower market should go at this time.

  • 3rd floor in Dong Ba Market – Clothing area: 

The third floor is what is attractive about Dong Ba market? This market is the first place that tourists enter, and the first thing they see is a section covered in clothing and fabrics. This area is a shopper’s paradise. There are stalls selling everything from traditional Vietnamese ao dai to casual wear to trendy fashion. The prices are also very reasonable, making it a great place to find a bargain. If you’re looking for a unique and authentic Vietnamese souvenir, be sure to check out the clothing section of Dong Ba Market in Hue. You’re sure to find something that your mother will love.

Dong Ba market Hue vVetnam
Dong Ba market Hue Vietnam
  •    2nd Floor – Handicraft Area and Cafe at Dong Ba market:

If you are a fan of handicrafts, Dong Ba Market’s second floor will satisfy you. The poetic hats, bowls, and cups are exquisitely carved. In addition, there are also items made of bamboo by street artisans such as “fans, beds, racks, and hats” that are very delicate and unique. Visitors to the second floor of Dong Ba Market Hue Vietnam cannot help but be dazzled by the handicrafts and souvenirs of Hue tourism.

In addition, the second floor of the market is also famous for the DePo cafe, which is the most visited place by young people. A place where you seem to be able to blend in with the atmosphere of the market, besides checking in at the cafe, visitors can also listen to stories about the old days of Dong Ba Market.

Dong Ba market Hue Vietnam
Dong Ba market Hue Vietnam
  • 1st floor of Dong Ba Market – Food area: 

The first floor of Dong Ba Market is a hub for Hue’s specialty foods and dried seafood. Visitors can find a wide variety of dried seafood, such as dried shrimp, dried squid, and dried fish, that have been naturally sun-dried. In addition, the first floor is also home to a variety of Hue specialty fish sauces, such as shrimp paste, fermented shrimp paste, catfish fish sauce, and nêm fish sauce. These fish sauces are made from fresh ingredients and bring the full flavor of Hue cuisine.

The first floor of Dong Ba Market in Hue is an ideal destination for visitors who want to learn about Hue cuisine and buy souvenirs.

Food area Dong Ba market Hue Vietnam
Food area Dong Ba market Hue Vietnam

3 What to Buy as Gifts at Dong Ba Market

Located in the heart of Hue City, Dong Ba Market in Hue Vietnam is a hub for a wide variety of goods, from food, and dried seafood to handicrafts. It is an ideal destination for tourists looking to buy souvenirs when visiting Hue.

Here are some of the items that tourists should buy as souvenirs when visiting the market:

Dried seafood: Dried shrimp, dried squid, dried fish, shrimp paste, fermented shrimp paste, catfish fish sauce, and nêm fish sauce…

Hue Imperial Court Tea: Hue Imperial Court Tea is a specialty tea of Hue, made from high-quality ingredients such as green tea, lotus flowers, and ginseng…

Handicrafts: Items such as conical hats, ceramic products, embroidered paintings, and keychains are all popular souvenirs from Hue…

Dong Ba market Hue Vietnam
Dong Ba market Hue Vietnam

4 How to get to Hue Dong Ba Market?

Dong Ba Hue tourist destination is located in the heart of the city, so you can just take a taxi or cyclo. If you want to explore nearby attractions, you should go by motorbike, because after visiting the market you can also visit other places like the Imperial Citadel of Hue and Quoc Hoc Hue High School, which are located nearby.

5. Useful Travel Tips

Here are some additional tips for your visit to Dong Ba Market:

  • Wear comfortable shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking.
  • Bring a hat and sunscreen. The sun can be strong in Hue.
  • Bring cash. Many vendors do not accept credit cards. ( just only at the market, you can use the card at many other places in Hue like restaurants in Hue, hotels, coffee shops…)
  • Be prepared for crowds. The market can be very crowded, especially in the morning.